Hpa-An (pronounced Pah-Ahn) is a small town about 270 km east of Yangon. It is well known for its many cave temples and surrounding mountain scenery. Mt. Zwegabin is particularly popular amongst locals and backpackers. There are 2000+ steps to climb before you reach the monastery at the top. Until recently you were able to spend the night at the monastery. Not too sure what happened or who ruined it for everyone, but now backpackers are no longer welcome to sleep there.


Since our crazy hike in Penang (which was in February) I haven’t hiked or done any strenuous activity, so 2000 steps were a huge challenge! I really need to step up my trekking game. Kevin was meters in front of me the entire time.

(All my pictures are on my film camera so you will have to wait to see them, hehe)

Because we only chose to spend one full day in Hpa-An after the hike we headed straight to Saddan Cave. The biggest cave temple in Hpa-An.


Though it was a little bit more expensive to get a tuk tuk on our own versus going with a tour group it was lovely having the cave to ourselves. We walked barefoot though clay and bat poop to all the chambers with mini stupas and different variations of Buddha statues. Once you reach the end there are a set of stairs that lead down to the river with boats that you can cruise.





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