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We have been pretty slack on updating the blog. We are on the move quite often now and have a solid group of friends that we are traveling with. I am just going to summarize everything so you can get caught up.

After Bangkok we flew to Krabi, a beach on the Southwest coast of Thailand. We took a few days there to catch up on some editing and blog posts. There was still not enough time to completely catch up before our friends started arriving and we were en route to our next destination, Koh Lanta.

2L3A9469The only picture I took in Krabi.

Most people that travel to the south of Thailand will hit the popular tourists destinations such as Ko Phi Phi and Phuket. My aunt hinted to us that those islands were expensive, full of tourist traps, and super crowded. So we decided to cross them off our list and headed to Koh Lanta instead.

Koh Lanta is an island south of Krabi and east of Ko Phi Phi. It has miles of white sand beaches with transparent waters, completely unpolluted of water activities. There are some really cool animal-friendly things for travelers to partake in outside of the shameful elephant rides and tiger zoos you see all over Thailand. You can register for a cooking classes at Time for Lime and the fee you pay for the class will get donated straight to Lanta Animal Welfare. Alternatively, if you are not into cooking, you can head over to Lanta Animal Welfare before 11am and volunteer to walk one of their rescue dogs or play with their rescue cats. There are also many yoga classes on the island. Unfortunately we did not get to experience them because we did not have our shit together in time. Instead we rented some scooters and drove along the coast towards the bottom of the island where we dipped into the warm ocean for the first time.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 6.16.51 PM.png

I really wanted to go snorkeling while we were in clear water paradise.. and a tour is the only way to get transport out to the reefs. So on our second day in Koh Lanta we booked a longtail boat tour out to the island reefs and snorkeled with the fishes!

Processed with VSCO with lv01 preset

After some snorkeling we reached a lagoon at Koh Mook and everyone was instructed to put lifejackets on. I was reluctant, but it became very clear why we needed them as we swam though Emerald Cave in complete darkness. As the light on the other side of the cave emerged, a hidden beach was revieled. I was relieved to discover that the slimey strands hugging my legs while I was swimming through the cave was just seaweed. Phew!
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The day ended with lunch on a beautiful beach (Koh Ngai) where the water is so so beautiful that no one wanted to leave, ever.

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We were all pretty sun burnt the next day and we took it easy by hiding in our dorm room and catching up on some work in the morning. But it was not long before Zach woke up and we found ourselves back on the beach, under some colorful umbrellas, listening to reggae music and watching the sunset on our last day in Koh Lanta.

Everyone went his or her separate ways from here.. Michelle went to Ko Sak to do some jungle trekking and live on a lake with no Wi-Fi. Zachary went back to Singapore to renew his visa and attend our grandfather’s funeral anniversary. Kevin and I journeyed to Ko Samui where we checked into a big ass pool villa, bathrobes included, for his 28th birthday!!! Edgar came too.


I haven’t been taking many pictures, mainly because I’ve been so distracted with activities, and mainly because I am afraid of bringing my camera to the beach (and that’s the only place we have been going!). We have been playing with the drone a lot more lately and I wanted to include my very first drone video for you to enjoy!


Our next stop is Koh Phangan. The full moon party took place there on the 12th of March and we were waiting till the crowds dispersed before we arrived. We are going to get our Open Water Dive certifications! After much research we have chosen to take our OWD course with Reefers, they include two boat dives to Sail Rock at no extra charge! Sail Rock is one of Thailand’s best diving spots and where all the whale sharks hang out. Fingers crossed I get lucky and can check that off my bucket list!

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