Bangkok all summed up.

It has been two weeks since we have updated our blog, and I apologize for that. Bangkok was supposed to be a relaxing time to catch up on editing, get some paid work, and do a whole lot of pampering. None of which actually happened.

I got really sick when we first arrived and then Kevin got really sick after that. I am sick again now and I am convinced the virus has just been mutating and is passing back and forth between us. Who knows when this will end!

Aside from that, we had so many friends in Bangkok there was no time for down time. Ironic!

We met up with Cory (my Australian friend from Canada that lives in Bangkok) on one of our first nights for some delicious street food and beer. A few days later we reunited with Zach around Thong Lo, Bangkok’s hip district. Zach’s friend Tai lives in a high-rise with a panoramic view of Bangkok. It was way better than any roof top bar we could have experienced. “Tai’s Underground Rooftop Bar”.


After a few drinks we left the boys and headed back to our hostel to meet Michelle! Michelle is our friend from San Francisco who has been living and working in New Zealand for the past year. The next few days were jam packed with activities! Misha, a fellow traveller whom we met in Penang, was also in town and we joined forces to hit up Wat Po and the Grand Palace.



We finished off the night by taking a water taxi to Asiatique and feasting on some overpriced Thai food. lol. It was expensive, but good.

The following day we went to Chatuchak, Bangkok’s largest weekend market (26 acres to be exact). I was in search of a shoulder bag to replace my fanny pack/bum bag so that I would look less like a crazy tourist. Chatuchak has everything a person would need. It is filled with many shops, lots of alleyways to lose yourself, yummy street food, boozy coffee, elephant pants, furniture, and a whole animal trafficking section that we chose to avoid. Though I kind of regret not going to get footage… it’s alright because Kevin would have had to carry me (plus a hundred bunnies) home if I went.



Misha left after the weekend and Edgar, another friend from Penang, arrived! We took a day trip out to Ayutthaya to bike around the old capital of Thailand.

In the year 1700 Ayutthaya was considered the biggest city in the world. The Burmese invaded Ayutthaya in 1767 and terminated the city. All that is left today are prangs (tall towers) and decapitated Buddha statues.





Michelle left the next day for northern Thailand and we moved to a hostel closer to Thong Lo, where Edgar was staying. We also caught up with my friend Danny (from San Diego, who lives in Bangkok) and our friend Fabio (whom we met in Penang) for dinner and a few drinks. The night ended with the boys looking for a Ping-Pong show, they found one, and myself going home and to sleep! Ha. I had responsible things to do the next day.. like wake up for the market and attend a cooking class (insert eye roll emoji here).



Water bugs.. who’s hungry?



The last few days in Bangkok we toned the action down. Kevin and I caught a couple movies and we ended our trip by feasting at Khlong Lat Mayom, a small floating market just outside the city.






Today we have landed in Krabi, a beach on the Southwest coast of Thailand. After all the activities in Bangkok I plan to do nothing but lay on a beach and read my kindle for a few days.


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